Live Streaming Manual:

Do you need help to watch the livestream?  Follow the steps below. If that is not working, feel free to contact the helpdesk.

How to start

1)    Go to

2)    Login on the chatbox (on the right at the bottom)

Click Facebook, Twitter or Google if you have an account.

This way you show up with your name and picture.

Otherwise, choose “Guest” and type your name where “guest” appears.

Choose “Guest Avatar”

Click “Log in” 

3)    Now you can type a message to let us know you are connected.

4)    Check for any messages in the chatbox regarding our next moment of broadcasting. No messages? Then the usual times apply.

5)    Go to the left side of the page. This is where the video will show up. Click on “€ 5 for 4 hours of access” or one of the others if available.

6)    Click directly “Submit” or type a promo code if you have one.

7)    Type twice your e-mail address and click “Submit

8)    Choose a password and click “Submit“. (this password is connected to the e-mail address you filled in and allows you next time to login directly.

9)    Click “Credit Card” of “Paypal”  to pay. Fill in your details and click “Submit”. (this step is needed only when you don’t have a promocode)

When you choose PayPal, make sure your internetbrowser is not blocking any popups, otherwise you won’t be redirected to PayPal. Normally a warning appears that asks to allow popups for this site. Otherwise you need to change the settings in your internetbrowser.

10)    When the payment is succesful Click “Watch now” or “Watch later” As soon as you click “Watch now” the time that you paid for starts counting, also when there is no broadcasting. When you click “Watch later”, you can login any time you want. Then the time starts counting as soon as you login.

11)    Enjoy the ride! We would like to know that you are there. Please let us know by typing a message. You can also ask Rananda questions through the chatbox.

12)    The next time on, you can directly go to “login to continue” instead of “€ 5 for 4 hours of access”